7 Steps to effective Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Targeted Outreach

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Today we want to discuss our 4th Bucket in New Opportunity Processes. For most, this may be the most challenging New Opportunity Process of all: Reaching out to cold or cool prospects to create more new opportunities.



If this is so hard, why bother?  Consider this.


  1. While Inbound Leads may have an interest, many may not fit our Ideal Customer Profile. We need to confirm the need for an Inbound Lead while also confirming their fit.
  2. Remember the Chet Holmes triangle where 3 % of the market is looking to buy at any time.   In addition to them, we also want to reach out to highly targeted prospects that fit the categories:
    1. May be open (7%)
    2. Have not thought about it (30%)
    3. Don’t think they are interested (30%)

We want to see how many of them we can move from “unaware they have a problem someone can solve” to “aware” to “interested” to “evaluating” so we can add them to our sales pipeline as an opportunity.


We do outreach to reach those prospects that have not yet been moved by Inbound Marketing/Demand Generation efforts or not yet found what they are looking for.


Here are the 7 steps:

  • Select the Right Targets
  • Determine which Channels
  • Identify Channel Order
  • Plan Touches per Channel
  • Set Length of Sequence (Days)
  • Build Messaging per Channel
  • Map Sequence and Messaging to Tools


Let’s look at each step.

Select the Right Targets:

Do you have focused, fixed, written, actionable lists based on your Ideal Prospect Profile(s)? You need to be reaching out to the right prospects. Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by first identifying the characteristics of your ideal customers. Select Identify Ideal Account Profiles (IAPs) based on industry, geography, company size. Define Prospect Profiles (PPs) within each IAP, specifying job titles and functions.

Targeting the right prospects is essential for efficiency and effectiveness. Develop well-defined lists based on your ideal customer profiles to ensure you are reaching out to those who align with your offerings.

Determine which Channels:

Understand the channels your target personas use. Select the most appropriate channels for outreach such as: email, phone calls, social media, direct mail, and in-person meetings.  Use LinkedIn for profile views, comments, and direct messaging.  Incorporate email, phone, text, video mail, and in-person visits based on personas.

Identify Channel Order:

Establish a sequence for reaching out through various channels. Prioritize channels based on their effectiveness and the engagement level of your personas.

Plan Touches per Channel:

Define the number of interactions (touches) per channel to ensure a balanced approach.



Up to 3 or more interactions. View LinkedIn Profiles to gain context. Engage genuinely and authentically while commenting on posts. Initiate conversations and build relationships through direct messaging.

Phone w/ Voicemail:

Up to 3 or more interactions. Leave a compelling and concise voice message. Personalize each message to create a connection.

Phone w/ Text:

Up to  2 or more touches. Use text messages for quick and concise communication. Follow up on previous voice messages or introduce new information.


Up to 4 or more touches. Utilize email for detailed communication. Vary content to maintain interest and address prospect needs.

Video Email:

Up to 1 or more times. Incorporate video messages for a personalized touch. Showcase your product/service, address pain points, or provide a brief introduction.

Snail Mail:

Up to 1 or more times. Send physical mail for a tangible connection. Include personalized notes or relevant materials.

It's called Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel for a reason.


Set Length of Sequence (Days):

Establish the duration of your outreach sequence to maintain consistency. Typically, 15 to 45 business days. Allows for sustained engagement without overwhelming the prospect.

If only we knew when it was the right time for a prospect to answer our outreach, right?

Build Messaging per Channel:

Tailor your messages for each channel to maximize effectiveness. Ensure messaging is focused and clear.  Here are two models that we like..

New Sales Simplified Model:

  • Introductory Letter (Modified Company Sales Story).
  • Present 2-4 Issues with 1-3 Differentiators.
  • Gradually drop/add issues and differentiators.
  • Conclude with a Goodbye Email.

Marketing Made Simple/StoryBrand Model:

  • Send the asset email. 
  • Follow up with a Problem plus Solution Email.
  • Incorporate a Testimonial Email.
  • Address objections with a dedicated email.
  • Introduce a paradigm shift
  • Sales-focused email.

A compelling message captures the prospect's attention and encourages further engagement. Craft a clear and persuasive sales story that resonates with your target audience.


If only there was a silver bullet?


Map Sequence and Messaging to Tools:


Integrate your outreach plan with relevant tools to streamline execution.  Leverage multi-touch, multi-channel sales tools:

  • HubSpot: A comprehensive sales platform for small businesses.
  • Outreach: Streamlining sales communication and automation.
  • SalesLoft: Facilitating engagement and personalized interactions.
  • Vanilla Soft: Enhancing sales engagement through various channels.

Tools should support the sales team in saving time and increasing overall effectiveness. Evaluate and implement tools that align with your processes, people, and overarching strategy.

We believe HubSpot is the best Sales Platform for Small Businesses that want to scale.

Remember to continuously analyze data and adjust your strategy based on prospect responses. The combination of targeted touches and diverse channels, aligned with effective messaging, can significantly improve your outreach success. Good luck!


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