Why small B2B Businesses should use HubSpot Sales Hub

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HubSpot initially built the Sales Hub product to help its own sales force be more productive and continues to enhance the product.

HubSpot Sales Hub provides tools to shorten sales cycles, improve close rates and automate sales process

I have used over a dozen CRMs personally and with my clients. Starting with the biggest players such as Salesforce and CRM Dynamics to many smaller players.  


Here are 5 reasons why I use HubSpot Sales Hub and recommend it for my clients:

  • Helps salespeople be more productive and save time.
    1. The list of features that supports this benefit is long.
  • Some of my favorite basic capabilities are:
      1. Sending and auto logging emails (and integrated video email capability)
      2. Making and auto logging calls
      3. Scheduling meetings with integrated meetings link, video conferencing and calendar apps
      4. Snippets for repetitive items
      5. Email Templates that are easy to edit and hyper personalize emails
  • Other favorite feature include:
      1. Sequences to scale outreach in a personalized manner
      2. Intelligence in the platform completes much of the Company Data with entry of domain name.
      3. Dynamic contact and company view to help you focus your top of the funnel sales efforts in a prioritized manner and build authentic relationships with key contacts and accounts.
      4. Dynamic Pipeline View to see and prioritize opportunities.
      5. Abundant library of reports and custom report abilities to build multiple dashboards and review key analytics.
  • The mobile app and HubSpot “mobile keyboard” feature extends most features to your mobile phone in a usable way.


  • Easy to use. 
      1. You don’t need to pay an IT person to set it up. 
      2. Anyone with average or above average intelligence can perform any and all Super Admin functions.
      3. HubSpot Academy and Knowledge Base provide a great resource to understand any function.
  • The intelligence in the platform informs you of your contact’s engagement or lack thereof.
      1. Can be notified the instant a prospect opens an email, clicks a link or opens an attachment.
      2. Tracks engagements such as open and clicks.
      3. Live chat option opens another channel for prospects increasing engagement
  • Great Support
      1. If stuck, HubSpot Tech Support is second to none 24x7.
  • Most importantly the platform continues to improve
    1. Every year the platform seems to get better.
    2. HubSpot pays attention to the smallest details looking for ways to save seconds, minutes and hours of a salesperson’s day.
    3. The technology enhancements make salespeople, sales managers and small business owners more productive at creating more opportunities and winning more business.

More than any other platform, HubSpot makes it easy for salespeople to use and easy for sales managers/ small business owners to manage. They continue to amaze me as they make the platform better every year. 

The clients that we referred to HubSpot Sales Hub continue to use HubSpot Sales Hub.

 At EPOCH Sales Management Solutions, we are committed to help you get up to speed at your desired pace and be here as you grow with the platform. We are building an online community at EPOCH Sales Management Solutions for our HubSpot customers. 

Come join the EPOCH Sales Management Solutions HubSpot Community.

While growing Small Businesses and Building Great Sales Teams is hard, the process to do this is simple. But, simple does not mean easy. 

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