Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Targeted Outreach 10 Point Checklist

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Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Targeted Outreach 10 Point Checklist

Today we want to discuss our 4th Bucket in New Opportunity Processes. For most, this may be the most challenging New Opportunity Process of all: Reaching out to cold or cool prospects to create more new opportunities.

New Opportunity

If this is so hard, why bother?  Consider this.

  1. While Inbound Leads may have an interest, many may not fit our Ideal Customer Profile. We need to confirm the need for an Inbound Lead while also confirming their fit.
  2. Remember the Chet Holmes triangle where 3 % of the market is looking to buy at any time.   In addition to them, we also want to reach out to highly targeted prospects that fit the categories:
    1. May be open (7%)
    2. Have not thought about it (30%)
    3. Don’t think they are interested (30%)

We want to see how many of them we can move from “unaware they have a problem someone can solve” to “aware” to “interested” to “evaluating” so we can add them to our sales pipeline as an opportunity.

We do outreach to reach those prospects that have not yet been moved by Inbound Marketing/Demand Generation efforts or not yet found what they are looking for.

successful sales outreach

Here is our 10 Point Checklist to develop a successful sales outreach

  1. Do you have the right salesperson in the right sales role?
    1. You need hunters to hunt
  2. Do you have finite, focused, written, workable lists based on your Ideal Prospect Profile(s)?
    1. You need to be reaching out to the right prospects
  3. Do you have a succinct, compelling sales story?
    1. You need a message that gets the prospect’s attention
  4. Do you have a new business development culture?
    1. You need your salespeople doing the right behaviors
  5. Do you provide guidance on how to build emails, phone call guides, voicemail script, social media touches and handling objections to build the initial toolkit/playbook?
    1. Toolkits/Playbooks are not static. SDR Teams need to know how to adapt existing toolkits/playbooks.
  6. Did you select and implement the right tools to support your processes, people and strategy?
    1. You need to save your salespeople time and increase effectiveness.
  7. Do you have the right metrics in place?
    1. Your salespeople need to know what success looks like on a daily basis and you need to evaluate where improvements need to be made.
  8. Do you review emails and social media touches? Do you role play phone calls again and again?
    1. Your salespeople need  to continue to improve their craft.
  9. Do you optimize the tech stack for efficiency and effectiveness?
    1. Continue to look for ways technology can improve results.
  10.  Do you coach your salespeople into sales champions?
    1. Continue to look for ways your salespeople can improve their results.  Make them accountable.

An effective multi-touch, multi-channel targeted sales outreach is key to influencing prospects that may not see your content in other means.

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