Scale your Sales Team from You to 10 Salespeople

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Scale your Sales Team from You to 10 Salespeople

Hiring Successful Salesperson Part 1

Can you point them in the right direction?


What is the single most difficult hire for a small business owner?

One of the biggest challenges and possibly the most difficult hire for a small business owner is to hire your first SUCCESSFUL salesperson.

Some say that sales hires fail over 50% of the time. Others claim it happens more than 75% of the time.  So, if we look exclusively at small businesses, can we agree that sales hires fail most of the time? Why is that? Sure, a big part of the reason is poor hiring processes. But, the problem starts when small businesses try hiring salespeople before their business is ready to bring them on. Fair?

In this blog article series, we want to help you get your business … Sales Team Ready!  (We developed a checklist that you can use to evaluate where you are and where you need to go to be ready to hire that first successful salesperson.  Click here for the complete list.)

successful salesperson

Example of a business not ready to hire first SUCCESSFUL salesperson.

Let’s look at one example where a business might not be ready to hire the first successful salesperson.

  • No two new logos look the same
    • Each new customer has a slightly different  problem, requiring a slightly different solution

In this situation, some good salespeople may still fail because the business did not establish a good product - market fit.  Many “experts” encourage small businesses to gain 10 new customers before hiring their first salesperson.  Once you have 10 customers, you know that someone will buy what you're selling and hopefully you know how to sell it.  For salespeople to be successful, it helps when the customers start looking more similar than different.

Can you point a salesperson to the right door for your solution?

Remember these two principles:

  • When you try to sell to everyone you end up selling to no one.
  • The riches are in the niches.

Success  key

As you launch your business, you need to continue to refine and align your sales strategy so you can Focus Your Salespeople on the Right Priorities.  Specifically, we need to be able to point them at the right door for your solution. The more focused and specific you can be, the better it will be for your salesperson.

Doing these things will help you point them at the right door.

  1. Understand the problem your business solves and who is willing to pay for the solution.
  2. Build focused, finite, written and workable target lists based on Ideal Client Profiles built.

Would you like someone to guide you in this process? 

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Would you like someone to guide you in this process to get ready to hire? 

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